How Detoxing Can Improve Your Sleep?


Lack of proper sleep, and heavy intake of unhealthy food – these are the two major causes why the average human is tired, lethargic, depressed, and restless. That’s quite some statement, and scientists might scoff at its simplicity. However, it’s guaranteed that if you can take care of your life on these two aspects, you will be significantly healthier, more energetic, and active than your counterparts.

Detoxing Can Improve Your Sleep

The keyword to remember is – detox. Whether it’s about weeding away your unhealthy food habits, bringing in herbal and organic foods to your routine, making sustainable lifestyle improvements, or sleeping better – detox is the way to go.

Can Detoxing Help You Sleep Better?

The short answer is – yes. Our bodies are full of toxins. That means our minds are not working like they should. Out bodies are unhealthy because of the same reason. It’s all linked. And everything feeds back to make your sleep patterns chaotic. You wake up restless, fail to put in a healthy day, and the cycle continues.

How to Detox and Help Better?

That’s the million dollar question we’re trying to answer in this guide. We’re going to cover different aspects of your life, right from the foods you eat to your pre-sleep regimen and tell you how you can detox, and sleep like a baby [1].

How to Detox and Help Better

Better Food Habits for Better Sleep

The food you eat defines who you are. It’s no use turning a blind eye to your unsustainable and unhealthy food choices anymore, because not only are they making your body a breeding house for toxins, but also causing you to snore, sleep restlessly, and sleep less than your body’s minimum requirements.

Begin by weeding out processed foods from your diet, because these are laden with chemicals that make it tough for your body to digest and excrete them. Secondly, educate yourself in the art of reading product labels, and start evaluating what you purchase.

It’s going to be tough and confusing initially, but it will help you eat healthily, save money, and sleep well.

Then, start reducing your sugar intake, slowly. We’re not only talking about sugar crystals. We also mean all the sugar content in all the foods you eat. Sugars make you fat. And fat deposits around the throat area are one of the key reasons why people snore. This, in turn, means you will not sleep well, wake up cranky, and probably binge eat. Get out of the vicious cycle, say NO to sugars.

Detoxing Before Sleeping – Foods to Eat, and Foods to Avoid

Before you sleep, you need to focus on detoxing, and paving the way for good sleep. The food you eat before sleeping influences the quality of your sleep.

Don’t consume dairy products before you sleep; not only are they hard to digest for the body, but also cause you to snore more (because of the greasy layer of fat they deposit on your throat tissue).

Also, do not consume alcohol if you’ve been snoring regularly. Detoxing your body of alcohol improves your health in general, and your sleep in particular.

Now that you know which food to avoid before sleeping, let’s tell you more about certain foods that help your body detox, and also keep snoring at bay. Almonds are known to reduce the stress hormone cortisol from your body and reduce inflammation.

An ounce of almonds provides for almost 20% of the body’s daily magnesium needs. Kiwi and walnuts are also known to help your body detox and prevent snoring at the same time. Yogurts, whole grain foods, and tart cherry juice are also great options to keep toxins out of your body, and enhance sleep alongside.

Special Detox Treatment to Sleep More and Snore Less

Special Detox Treatment to Sleep More and Snore Less

Once you start easing into the ‘detox’ lifestyle, look to adopt advanced detox methods and treatments that specifically target your sleep disturbances, snoring in particular. Major body problems originate in the digestive system; when your digestive machinery isn’t effective, it stresses the liver, and passes on the stress to the lungs and nasal cavity.

Chamomile tea is a superfood to detox your body, reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, keep stress-causing hormones away, and even improve your skin. A cup of warm camomile tea is a great replacement for caffeine drinks.

It’s only one of the many herbal detox remedies you can trust. Peppermint based teas also work well to clear your sinuses and push out toxins from the body.

Pre-Sleep Practices to Help Detox

Adopt these pre-sleep practices to rid your body of toxins, keep your mind fresh, and sleep without snoring.

  • Don’t smoke before sleeping (for up to 4 hours, at least)
  • Use a humidifier to make the air inside your room humid, and prevent the dryness that instigates snoring
  • Keep your room super clean – get rid of pet dander, dust, and grime.
  • Meditate (even if it’s for 10 minutes) before sleeping to detox your mind and prepare the brain for a sound sleep

Bonus Tip – If you want speedy control over snoring then there are many other ways including snoring devices, surgery, anti snoring pillows etc.

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Concluding Remarks

Detoxing is a lifestyle choice that will keep you healthy through all times, keep sleep troubles like snoring away from your life, and help you enjoy your life.

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