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How Probiotic Bacteria Can Transform Intestinal Flora Of Colon Cancer Patients?

Colon cancer has been one of the few silent diseases these days. You never know when it will strike – a simple stomach ache, out of nowhere, could b...

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New Alternatives To Colonoscopy: Detect Colon Cancer In Other Ways

Colon cancer is one of the causes of early mortality these days. The procedure of a colon cancer patient is slow and at the same time painful. But wit...

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Consuming More Fiber Decreases The Mortality Rate With Colon Cancer

Have you ever thought about where the majority of our sicknesses and diseases comes from? We tend to point our fingers at the immune system because we...

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4 Best Foods Which Avert You From The Risk Of Colon Cancer

We all know that diet is not the only factor that contributes to your colon cancer risk. Based on studies made by medicals experts the estimated perce...

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Hold Colon Cancer At Bay: Avoid These 7 Foods To Reduce Risk

Colon cancer is nothing less than a very serious threat to a person’s life. It causes pain which is unbearable in many cases, a drastic change in li...

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10 Simple Ways To Cleanse & Rejuvenate Your Body & Wellbeing

How sure are you that you are healthy? How confident are you that you have a sound body and mind? How certain are you that your daily routine is good ...

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Clean Colon Is A Key To Your Health-5 Steps To Keep You In The Clear

The wise old saying, "Health is wealth," has already been a cliché phrase everyone hears almost every day. Still, the metaphor proves to be true to e...

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Constipation – General Causes, Symptoms & 6 Things to Help Unblock You

Constipation is one of those problems that most people experience at some point in their life but rarelу talk about. It is a most сommon gastrointes...

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Can Viruses Cause Chronic Constipation? Know How To Treat It Too

The problem of infrequent bowel movement is very common but still, it is not something that one can freely discuss in public with just anyone. Chroni...

Swollen Colon

Swollen Colon: Food Choices and Home Remedies for the Treatment

The inflammation around the layers of the colon usually leads a swollen colon. The statistic[1] shows that around 1-1.3 million Americans are diagnose...

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