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Over-The-Counter Colon Cleansers

Colon cleansing has been done by people since ancient Greece. It only became popular again recently because of the evidence on the different health benefits of cleansing the colon like improved absorption and increased energy. There are several methods for cleansing the colon which will be discussed in detail in this article. However, the main questions we will answer by the end of this article are: what is the best colon cleansing method and how to choose the best product on the market.

What Is Colon Cleansing?

Colon cleansing is also known as colon therapy which is simply using an oral formulation or undergoing a colon cleansing procedure for the purpose of removing digestive waste and nonspecific toxins that can get stuck in certain parts of the intestinal tract.

There are two primary colon cleansing methods which are the following:

Colon Cleansing with Supplements

Over-The-Counter Colon Cleansers

This method involves taking an oral supplement for cleansing the colon. Others can be taken through the rectum. Regardless of how the product is taken, the main purpose is to promote the elimination of the colon’s contents including waste, toxins and other potentially harmful matter that can get stuck in the walls of the colon. The products can be purchased from pharmacies, supermarkets and supplement stores. This includes enemas, laxatives, enzymes and herbal teas but the most popular is colon cleansing supplements.

Colon Cleansing with Colon Irrigation

This is a procedure that involves the use of water which flushes several gallons of water through a small tube that is inserted in the rectum. Once the water is in the colon, the colonic hygienist or colon hydro therapist massages the patient’s abdomen. Then, the water is released like a regular bowel movement flushing out the water together with the waste and toxins from the colon. The process can be repeated as needed and one session can take an hour or more. Different water pressures and temperatures may be used and the water may contain herbs, enzymes, coffee or probiotics.

What You Should Know About Over-The-Counter Colon Cleansers?

The method for colon cleansing that most people prefer is the use of colon cleansing supplements or over-the-counter intestinal cleansers for the simple reason of convenience. There is no need to spend a lot of money on an embarrassing, messy and uncomfortable procedure. However, there are many products to choose from so you need to be very careful especially because some products may contain harmful ingredients.

Over-the-counter colon cleansers or colon cleansing supplements usually contain fiber and other natural ingredients like herbs that have laxative and diuretic properties. Just like shampooing your hair, many health experts recommend cleaning the colon from time to time to help the body with the detoxification process. This enhances the absorption of nutrients, prevents certain health problems and offers other health benefits. There are dietary supplements in capsule/tablet form and there are also powders that are mixed with water or any beverage then consumed. There are also do-it-yourself enema kits but the problem is that these are quite messy.

Benefits of Over-The-Counter Colon Cleansers

Different formulations have different effects. The best colon cleansing formulations offer the following effects which lead to better overall digestive health:

  • Improves and enhances digestion.
  • Absorbs and eliminates toxins from the body.
  • Removes impacted waste from the colon walls and relieves constipation.
  • Promotes better overall colon function and health.
  • Relieves digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

How to Choose the Best Over-The-Counter Colon Cleanser?

Finding the best over-the-counter product for cleansing the colon is not easy because of the hundreds or even thousands of products being sold on the market. Here is a simple guide to help you find the best product which takes into consideration the two most important features (safety and effectiveness).

Look For Clinical Evidence

In choosing a colon cleansing product, you need to look for those that are substantially proven to be both effective and safe. Make sure the product has undergone extensive independent clinical testing for both effectiveness and safety. The problem with most colon cleansers on the market is that they claim to be clinically proven but there is actually no data proving that they have been tested thoroughly for effectiveness or safety. The product should provide details of the clinical evidence which should be available on its official website.

Check the Active Ingredients Carefully

Aside from evidence that the formula is effective and safe, check each of the active ingredients. Look for scientific and clinical data that each ingredient works and it free of side effects. Watch out for additives and other potentially harmful ingredients that can cause adverse effects. To give you an idea of what you should be looking for, we will be taking a look at the best ingredients (proven effective and safe) for colon cleansers. Psylium seed is one of the most popular fiber supplements today. It is also common in colon cleansing formulations since it is a rich source of soluble fiber that makes the stool bulkier and aids in the elimination of waste.

Another noteworthy ingredient is cascara sagrada bark which is a natural laxative that has been used for hundreds of years as a natural treatment for constipation. Fennel seeds which contain compounds called fenchone effectively relieve constipation and helps ease the different symptoms of a dirty colon. Ginger root is also one of the top colon cleansing ingredients because it promotes the secretion of digestive enzymes which help with the breakdown of waste and harmful toxins that build-up in the colon.

Check What Customers Are Saying

Customer feedbacks give you invaluable insight on what a product actually does and if there are adverse effects. Of course, fabricated user feedbacks can be created by the manufacturer of a product to drive sales but there will always be genuine feedbacks stating the flaws of a product. There are also forums and discussion boards that can give you a good idea about particular colon cleansing products you are interested in. You can also use forums to post questions and interact with other people from all over the world to learn about their experiences with specific colon cleansers you are considering for purchase.


Of course, you want to get the most out of your dollars. You want to find the most effective and safe colon cleanser at the lowest price possible. Many of the best products on the market offer a money back guarantee which is an excellent feature that allows you to get a refund in case you’re not happy with your purchase. Just make sure that the offer is real by checking what customers are saying about it. The best products also offer packages when you buy two or more bottles/units.


Check the manufacturing process of the product you’re considering. Is it made in a GMP (good manufacturing practices) compliant facility that has been inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? Also, check the reputation of the company behind the products you’re considering. Do they also offer other products? How long have they been in business? Are there complaints against the company? These are the most important questions you need to answer.

Do Over-The-Counter Colon Cleansers Really Work?

To answer this vital question, take a look at the thousands of positive feedbacks from all over the world stating these products really offer actual benefits. Then, there are also plenty of health experts promoting the use of colon cleansers for various health benefits. Just remember that not all products are effective and some may be harmful. Just remember the tips mentioned previously so that you will end up with a highly effective product that is free of adverse effects. Also, remember that the effects of a product differ from one user to another so what may be highly effective for someone may not be as effective for you. This is the reason some trial an error may be in order if you want to find the best over-the-counter colon cleanser for you.

Other Things to Keep In Mind

Just because the formulation is all-natural doesn’t mean it cannot cause side effects. Remember to read and follow the instructions of a colon cleanser carefully to prevent side effects. Check the ingredients carefully and make sure you’re not hypersensitive to any of them before use. If unsure, consult your health care provider. If you have any medical condition or are taking medication then you need to check with your doctor before using any over-the-counter colon cleanser. In case of any severe side effect, discontinue use and contact your doctor.


Because of the effectiveness, safety, convenience and affordable price, the use of over-the-counter colon cleansers is the best method for cleansing the colon. However, you have to be very careful in choosing a particular product. You need to research meticulously in order to find the best product which is not only highly effective but completely safe as well. Remember the tips mentioned in this article for finding the best over-the-counter colon cleansers and you will surely be able to find an excellent product that will give you all the benefits of a clean and healthy colon.

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