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The practice of cleansing the body of toxins is an ancient and traditional technique that dates back centuries, with a belief in most cultures that poisonous substances accumulate in the body and lead to the development of diseases, although the exact nature of these substances remained unknown before the advent of modern medicine. Today, we know that a body cleansing diet can work by flushing out or eliminating everything from residual chemicals from food additives, to using antioxidant rich food to help eliminate a buildup of free radicals that endanger our overall organ health and may even promote premature aging as well as certain cancers.

Body Cleansing Diet

A body cleansing diet may involve numerous natural substances that are designed to help flush out the body, sometimes with the aid of natural diuretics. One of the most common ‘body flushers’ include B vitamins and cranberry juice, that many people use to help purge the digestive system. However, modern colonic cleansers are often much more specialized than this, and include a wide variety of ingredients with specific functions to promote overall health throughout the digestive system, and to assist with normalizing bowel movements and the processing of foods. Advocates cite that it helps everything from gastrointestinal disorders to the prevention of cancer.

A body cleansing diet typically involves a cocktail of herbs and ingredients. Some may include acai berry, thyme oil, senna, and various other types of teas, berries, and plants that work in combination efforts to simultaneously cleanse the system and also reinforce the body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Many of these products can be found over-the-counter at health-food stores, or ordered from specialty locations online. In addition, some people also opt for much more intensive versions of this procedure by actually having a therapist perform a colonic irrigation, a type of enema that flushes out the colon.

Before you begin a body cleansing diet, it’s important to speak to both a doctor, and perhaps also a dietitian. Major factors to consider include allergic reactions to the ingredients found in body cleansing products, as well as potential side effects from long term usage of ingredients like senna. A medical professional can assist with this process and to help ensure your safety as you undertake such an endeavor, including forwarding to an allergist to test for bad reactions to best colonic cleansing products. By treading carefully, it’s possible such a diet may assist you with various health problems.

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