Can Viruses Cause Chronic Constipation? Know How To Treat It Too


The problem of infrequent bowel movement is very common but still, it is not something that one can freely discuss in public with just anyone.

Chronic constipation is not a degenerative disease or serious disorder but if you suffer from it, then you understand the seriousness of the matter.

Viruses Cause Chronic Constipation

If this is a health condition that you are living with, then my guess is that you know what it is like to experience routine irregularities in bowel movements and great difficulty in passing stool. In some circumstances, this health issue usually leads to hemorrhoids because of the constant stress.

There are many reasons why you might suffer from this condition. Simple reasons like not eating enough fiber enriched foods, drinking water, lack of physical exercise or even ignoring the “urge” may cause problems. Other factors include having a lazy colon.

This means that the food passes slowly along the gastrointestinal tract because the colon doesn’t contract properly. Food allergies, mechanical obstructions, prescription drugs and neurological disorders might also cause chronic constipation.

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as chronic constipation….

and if you’re one of the millions of americans who’s experienced it, you know just how bad it is – the stomach pain, the strain and the hours of time wasted away in the bathroom.

But chronic constipation is more than uncomfortable – it’s a hazard to your health.

When you’re constipated, the toxins and waste that your body should be removing stagnate in your intestines. This magnifies your toxic load big time and puts you at risk for serious diseases – like colon cancer.

and then there’s also the possibility of developing painful constipation complications like hemorrhoids (inflamed veins in your anus and rectum) and anal fissures (tears in your anus).

So unless you want to watch your health gradually go down the tubes, there’s no time to waste when it comes to getting your chronic constipation under control.

Now, there are a lot of culprits that could be at the root of your constipation… a diet that’s too low in fiber, certain medications, dehydration, food allergies…

But if you’ve already ruled all of these things out as the cause, then you’ll be especially interested to learn what researchers from Yale University just figured out…

They uncovered a rather surprising cause of chronic, unexplained constipation…

Constipation Causes Info

The Herpes Virus

after noticing that a lot of people with herpes also have chronic constipation, these researchers decided to probe into the relationship further…

What they found was that the herpes virus has the ability to spread from your genitals to the nerves of your spinal cord and from there to the neurons in your colon.

after it makes its way to your colon, it proceeds to kill those neurons, which seriously hampers your body’s ability to move food waste through your digestive tract and leads to chronic constipation.

But the herpes virus isn’t the only virus that has this ability. researchers found several other viruses in the herpes family in the colon neurons of people experiencing chronic constipation without an obvious explanation – including common viruses like the epstein-Barr virus, the chicken Pox virus and the cytomegalovirus.

all the probiotic bacteria in our intestines survive by digesting the food we eat. In order to support the beneficial probiotics in the microbiome, we must consume healthy foods rich in fiber and nutrients.

When we eat a diet high in meat and fat, a normal type of bacteria in the colon called bacteroids begins to overgrow because it feeds primarily on this food. The by-product of bacteroids is toxic to our body because it results in overproduction of ammonia.

This may cause the stool to become too alkaline, which slows the bowels down and can lead to chronic constipation. To counter this tendency, it is helpful to eat more fibrous foods to keep the beneficial bacteria strong and prevent overgrowth of bacteroids.

Here are some of the prevention and treatment of this often embarrassing matter. If you want to work on some easy to implement options for this condition.

Here are a few things that you can try:

Increase Fluid Intake

  • eat a fiber rich diet or take dietary fiber supplements.
  • Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day or increase fluid intake. remember constipation is caused when too much water is extracted from the food in our colon. Increasing the amount of liquid in your body lessens the chances of you getting constipated.
  • eat dried prunes or drink some prune juice. Prunes have a laxative effect that helps aid the colons in the passing through of digested food.
  • avoid sweets and junk foods.
  • exercise frequently to support good bowel movement.
  • If allergies are the reason for your constipation, try doing an elimination diet to help identify what might be triggering this condition.
  • Do activities that can lessen your stress, such as yoga and breeze walking. This can help to relax the colon, making it function more efficiently.
  • Consider taking acidophilus or bifidophilus to promote a healthy colon environment.
  • Peppermint is a long and well-known cure to help relax the gastrointestinal tract for chronic constipation.
  • Taking magnesium and vitamin C daily provides relief for constipation. They combine to form laxatives which aid in proper digestion.
  • Herbal plants and medicines can also be of help. Casgara segrada, turkey rhubarb are some example of nature’s cure to this condition.

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If the symptoms of constipation continue despite trying the above mentioned treatments, then you must consult your health care provider. Be cautious when using laxatives because they may cause dependence of the colon to rely on these drugs.

So if you’re dealing with chronic constipation you may want to consider adding a few natural antivirals to your vitamin chest, to reduce the effects of lingering viral. Some of the most potent options are zinc, oregano oil, olive leaf extract and prickly ash bark.

Chronic constipation, well it truly goes without saying…prevention is definitely better than a cure.

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