Herbal Colon Cleansing – The Benefits of Cleansing and Detoxification


It seems that it’s hard to flip through a magazine, browse the internet, or turn on the television these days without seeing some reference to detox diets and how they can change your life. From weight loss to achieving a healthier glow and increase in stamina, the benefits of herbal colon cleansing are many. To reap the maximum level of these herbal colon cleansing benefits, however, it’s a good idea to examine how they work and what is most effective.

Herbal Colon CleansingSome of the herbs that are most associated with herbal colon cleansing include cascara sagrada, senna, psyllium, and activated charcoal. Any herb or botanical that has a mild laxative effect; or any herbs that are high in fiber will produce similar end results. Herbal colon cleansing is generally a two part process. The first portion is to reduce the intake of toxins, fats, and processed foods, replacing them with high-fiber fruits and vegetables. After this portion has been concluded, you can then introduce the herbal colon cleansing products into your system, which help stimulate bowel movements and flush out any waste that has built up over time.

One of the immediate results of herbal colon cleansing that followers of these practices will notice is weight loss. With the increase in bowel movements, you could drop several pounds fairly rapidly. This is not going to change body shape or composition, but many people are carrying around excess weigh in the form of waste or water at any given time. In addition to this initial benefit of losing weight, you could experience a corresponding boost in energy levels that is also quite characteristic of herbal colon cleansing.

Many of the benefits of herbal colon cleansing can be achieved at home by following your own specialty diet, as long as it takes in the benefits of the various herbal remedies out there. Many of the herbal colon cleansing supplements on the market, for example, simply contain fruit extracts. A couple of examples of these would include rhubarb and pineapple extract, which help flush the system and keep the body regular. The same benefits of cleansing can be obtained by simply making a conscious effort to eat more pineapple or other tropical fruits in the diet, along with whole oats and grains. Yet for those who don’t have the time to change their diet and lifestyle immediately, then herbal colon cleansing supplements that could be a good fit.

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