Hold Colon Cancer At Bay: Avoid These 7 Foods To Reduce Risk


Colon cancer is nothing less than a very serious threat to a person’s life. It causes pain which is unbearable in many cases, a drastic change in life, exorbitant expenses, and extreme depression to a patient and the people surrounding him/her.

7 Foods You Must Avoid To Reduce Colon Cancer

This devastating disease starts with a tumor growth in the large intestine which can later on produce abnormal cells that spread all throughout the digestive tract and the whole body. It can affect anyone regardless of age, ethnicity, or gender although it is found to be more prominent to people 50 years or older.

In the United States alone, colon cancer is considered a third of the most common cancers with an estimated 95, 520 cases in 2017. Moreover, it is also the third most prevalent cause of death with as much as 50, 260 expected fatalities. As per calculations, 1 in every 21 male and 1 in 23 female can develop this deadly menace.

Although the survival rate of people diagnosed with the disease has undergone revolutionary increase with the innovation of treatments in the last few decades, the number of cases is still quite disturbing.

The colon is the part of the body responsible for the absorption of nutrients from the food one eats and the excretion of the remains from the body.

It is therefore the cleaning agent that helps rid the body of useless substance. While it is a fact that having a deteriorating colon is out of one’s control, taking care of the digestive system as a whole can definitely help ease the colon’s job and thus make it healthier and functional.

Colon Home Remedies Info

Food For The Colon

Whatever you do to your body will have an impact on your health. Similarly, anything that you intake will either benefit or compromise your body systems.

By observing proper diet and choosing to eat the right kinds of food, a lot of wonders can happen including maintaining a clean and healthy colon, thus protecting you from colon cancer risks. Include the following in your daily meals.


Fresh fruits are rich in a lot of different vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Eating several slices of apples, pears, or grapes or squeezing lemon and orange pulps into your drinks can result in amazing benefits.

2. Green Leafy Vegetables

Vegetables are excellent sources of fiber which helps regulate the digestive system’s functions and ease bowel movements.

Aside from fiber, most green vegetables are also rich in vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your total well-being. Furthermore, flavonoids like berries and potatoes have been proven to help lower the risk of colon cancer.

3. Tea

Studies reveal that compounds found in tea help the body cleanse and detoxify, stimulate the immune system responses, and therefore reduce not only colon cancer risks but also other health problems.

4. Whole Grains

Servings of brown rice and whole wheat bread each day may help decrease the chances of having colon cancer by 17% based on findings from the American Institute for Research and the World Cancer Research Fund International.

5. Fish And Chicken

Eating more fish and chicken meat and less pork or beef meat is surely an advantageous routine. Salmon and mackerel can provide the body with omega-3 and other substantial nutrients helpful to the digestive system.

6. Water

Water is a miracle. With its plain, simple appearance, it can do countless wonders for the body. Having lots of water in your system helps all body functions perform well and cleanses the body of toxins as well.

Food Not For The Colon

While it is good to eat nutritious foods, the effects will only be minimal if you still have a habit of eating unhealthy. It is not enough that you eat well; you should also avoid as much as you can or better yet totally eliminate the following culprits from your diet.

Avoid Red Meat

1.Red Meat

Beef and pork are primary sources of protein, but they can also be primary causes of unclean colons.

2.Processed Food

Processed foods are rich in preservatives and artificial contents which are both harmful to the body.


It might be heartbreaking to completely put a stop to your chocolate cravings. After all, sugar is a necessity, but too much can harm the colon and the body.

Alcoholic drinks are culprits to your good health. It is not only a major ingredient to colon cancer, but it can also cause a lot of other diseases and damages to the organs


Although coffee serves a lot of health benefits, it is also likely to damage your colon because of its high caffeine content. Caffeine is known to trigger irritable bowel symptoms which can progress to colon diseases including cancer.


Milk products should not be completely removed from your diet, but limiting such is necessary because dairy can cause diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive related discomforts.


Surely bacon, fries, burger, and hotdogs are irresistible, but moderating intake not only prevents obesity but also helps clear the body of chemical makeup found in these delights which are difficult to digest.

Other Tips

Exercise Tips

1. Exercise

Keeping your body on the groove is one efficient way to stay energetic and cleanse the body of toxins. Attend your gym appointments or schedule a walk or a jog for at least thirty minutes every day to sweat those toxins out.

2. Cleanse

Visit your doctor and ask for ways to cleanse your body. There are many regular procedures you can try depending on your physician’s recommendation all of which will keep your minds and body healthy.


Do not overwork or stress yourself. Mental health is also key to physical health and total well-being.

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It is simply a give and take process. You give your body what it needs, and it gives you back the full blasted energy and overall well-being you need and desire to function effectively and stay happy. Start your healthy habits now, and see amazing results later.

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