What You Should Know about Colon Hydrotherapy?


For people who are suffering from constipation, irregular bowel movement and a sluggish performing colon, colon hydrotherapy is the definitely what you are looking for. Colon Hydrotherapy is a kind of treatment to improve the functions of the colons. This can lead to a perfectly performing colon which composes a healthy body.

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy treatment is a gentle and safe procedure to clean the colon and improve its functioning. It is done by infusing warm water into the rectum through a small speculum that will go into the colon. This water is filtered and does not contain any drugs or chemicals.

Colon hydrotherapy aims to cleanse the colon by removing the accumulated and aged waste inside. The patient lies comfortable throughout the procedure and there will be no stress felt. Colon hydrotherapy treatment uses a machine with disposable parts to prevent any risk of contamination from one patient to another. The machine used in this procedure is a closed system to ensure that no foul odor comes out.

What Causes Toxic Build-up?

Even people who have regular bowel movements can still have impacted aging fecal matter in the colon. This hardened fecal matter that accumulates in the colon causes a narrow channel where soft feces pass through; thus, making a person have difficulty in passing fecal matter. Cleansing the colon should be done regularly to avoid accumulating wastes in the colon.

How will Colon Hydrotherapy Benefit You?

Colon hydrotherapy treatment has other benefits besides cleansing the colon. It will improve the muscle tone and the peristalsis movement. Through this, chronic constipation can be prevented. Colon hydrotherapy helps in removing any stagnant waste matter. Doing so will eradicate bacteria, gas, parasites, toxins, dead cells and mucus in the colon. As a result, the colon performs better.

Another benefit of colon hydrotherapy is that it is a way to prepare an individual for a colonoscopy. Colonoscopy refers to the procedure done in order to examine the large intestine in order to diagnose gastrointestinal symptoms which may include stomach pain, changes in bowel movements and intestinal bleeding.

Hydrotherapy is also recommended for people who have certain health conditions. These health conditions include stress, menstrual problems, hemorrhoids, tender abdomen, rigid abdomen, food cravings and coated tongue. People who are constipated have bad breath, parasites, skin disorders, gas, body odor and fatigue which can be treated through colon hydrotherapy.

The Good and Bad Bacteria

Some people are concerned if colon hydrotherapy will wash away the good bacteria in the colon too. Good bacteria thrive in an acid environment while bad bacteria live in an alkaline environment. People who have been eating poorly and not exercising will have a high chance of having an alkaline colon. Colon hydrotherapy can change the alkaline colon to an acid one so there will be more good bacteria thriving.