Keep Your Colon Clean And Healthy- 5 Ways You Need to Know


Keeping your colon healthy is something that not many of us think about doing. However, it is something that is very important. Whether you find you’ve decided you want to improve your overall health, or you’ve decided you want to improve your colon’s health before you get married with a beautiful ring from Brilliant Earth[1], the tips below should help you. They include exercise advice, daily water intake, advice about keeping bowel movements regular, and super food advice.

Colon Healthy


Regular exercise plays a huge part in promoting a healthy colon, by increasing your blood flow and circulation around the body. The whole gastrointestinal system and colon will gain more oxygen from regular exercise and can help lower the chances of colon cancer and other diseases you ideally want to avoid in your life.

You don’t need to do an extremely ruthless exercise routine, it can be an easy 10-15 minutes of walking a day. Yoga[2] is also enough to help keep the colon healthy.



Not having enough water intake in your daily life will lead to the body being dehydrated. When dehydrated, toxins build up in the body and you run the risk of getting constipation, IBS, bloated guts, and gas. You should be drinking around eight glasses (8 ounce per glass) of water a day to help keep the colon healthy and keep the body cleansed of toxins.

It is common knowledge that everyone should drink the right amount of water to receive positive health benefits, but not many people follow this advice due to the easy access to soda and other easy unhealthy choices on the market.

Don’t Hold It In

Whenever you feel a bowel movement is ready, you should head straight to the toilet. By avoiding holding it in, there is no chance of a fecal matter building up which can release toxins you really don’t want in the body. These toxins can potentially lead to IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Having a regular bowel movement is one of the most important steps in keeping your colon clean and healthy.


There are some amazing super foods available that are rich in fiber, which are a great choice to include in your diet for a healthy colon and good bowel movements. Raspberries, prunes, broccoli, celery, bananas, and peas, are all good.


Other foods include whole grain brown rice, whole wheat breakfast cereals, and whole wheat pasta. You should eat a good amount of these high fiber super foods – around 25-35 grams per day – to maintain the right level of fiber in your diet.

Vitamin D

It is good to try to increase your levels of vitamin D when planning to maintain a healthy colon and prevent colon cancer. You can get all the vitamin D you require from various food sources, including milk, cereal, bread, and fatty fish. You can also get vitamin D from a natural source, the sun.

Around 15-20 minutes of daily exposure is sufficient. If you believe you are not getting enough vitamin D, it might be a wise idea to speak to your doctor and see if taking a supplement is required.

Keep the above tips in mind for better colon health in the future.

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