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Colonic Cancer

Colonic Cancer - An Overview The colon is an essential component of the human digestive system. When malignant tissue in the colon starts to develop,...

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Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

Most people don’t realize this but waste material residing in their colon often contains parasites and worms. It is therefore vital to have your col...

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Detox Cleansing

Detox Cleansing - How Will the Colon Benefit from This A strong, clean and healthy colon contributes to a healthy body. What many do not know is that...

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Aspirin Not Yet Advisable for Colon Cancer Treatment

There are a lot of literatures that say Aspirin has the potential to address colon cancer. According to an editorial in a recent issue of the New Engl...

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Ionic Foot Detox: Toxins Expelled From the Body

Detoxification is one of thebody’s natural processes. It is very important to excrete the harmful toxins from the body so it can function optimally....

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Colon Cleansing for a Healthy Weight Loss

According to Pew Research Center, there are 160,000 fast foods in the US today. Every day, more than 50 million people are served with burgers, pizza ...

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Metastatic Liver Cancer: How Colon Cancer Can Reach to the Liver

The American Cancer Society has indicated that the colon cancer is one of the top causes of cancer-related mortality in the US. Nevertheless, early de...

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Is It Necessary To Clean The Colon?

There are numerous people who understands that how imperative it is to stay clean on the outside, but few realize that it is equally imperative to kee...

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