Constipation Relief – Not a Big Problem If You Know How to Tackle It


Constipation is one condition that every one of us must have experienced several times since we were infants. The reasons for the problem could be many. Whether we need to take necessary precautions to prevent its occurrences, or find ways and means to tackle them, constipation relief will always remain a big factor in our health agenda.

Why Should You Need Constipation Relief?

Constipation ReliefBefore you try to find an answer to this question, you should know what exactly constipation is and what are the primary causes of constipation. Only then the constipation relief options should be discussed.

Constipation is defined differently in different circles. The basic meaning, however, simply implies that constipation is a digestive health condition where you find it extremely hard to get your feces evacuated from the bowel (or colon) in the normal manner. While it is said that two to three clear motions a day apparently indicate no major problems, when the action is reduced to about that many a week, then it is time you seek some kind of constipation relief.

As regards the causes, there could be many. Yet again we can summarize these causes of constipation by relating them mainly to your dietary habits and to a lesser extent, to some of your other lifestyles.

Whatever the meaning or the causes of the problem is, you must know how to bring about a right and proper kind of constipation relief once you get afflicted by the problem. You may not, however, overlook the fact that had you taken some kind of precautionary measures earlier on, you could have probably prevented these contingencies.

How Do You Bring about Constipation Relief?

You can easily bring about constipation relief simply by tackling the primary causes responsible for onset of constipation. You should be able to do that if you can heed to the following advices:

  • Eat Healthy. You should eat more of fruits, vegetables and other food materials derived from natural sources – stuffs containing lots of fiber. Some experts also advise that the right food combination is also important for digestion and consequently, towards constipation relief. While combining carbohydrates and protein could be bad for your digestion, combining each of them separately with vegetables will facilitate better digestion. Almost all experts advise that you should avoid junk or processed food as also excess of sugar and salt in your dishes. You should never indulge in overeating and masticate all food matters properly before swallowing.
  • Drink Healthy. You must drink plenty of water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Avoid sweetened, carbonated drinks and sodas and strive to reduce – stop altogether if you can – intake of coffee, black tea and alcohol.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Medications. Contrary to popular belief not all laxatives work towards effective constipation relief. There are also a few medicinal items such as multi-vitamins (formulated with iron and calcium) that can cause indigestion or constipation. Talk to your doctor to find the right alternatives.
    Undertake Physical Exercises. Do some regular workouts such as jogging, walking or swimming that helps greatly in your digestion and constipation relief.

    Cleanse Your Colon. This is probably the ultimate step that can bring about great results. Colon cleansing of a right kind helps in expelling the accumulated and hardened fecal matters coupled with deadly toxins, bad bacteria and harmful parasites from the body. Once the colon is back to its healthy self, your constipation relief is likely to be total.

There are a number of other lifestyle changes that can be incorporated in your daily routine to circumvent the constipation problems. All the same, if only you adhere to the above tips rather religiously, you are bound achieve a significant degree of constipation relief whenever you get afflicted with the problem.

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