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Are Taller People more Susceptible to Colon Cancer?

There are a number of factors that increase the risk of contracting colon cancer, such as a diet that consists of large quantities of red meat, as wel...

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Everything you need to know about Colitis

Colitis basically means that your colon is inflamed. A person can have an acute case of colitis or it can be a chronic and persistent condition. Ther...

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How Does Colon Damage Occur?

Northern America has an epidemic of digestive disorders. The primary cause of intestinal ailments is directly linked to poor eating habits, excess st...

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What You Should Know about Occasional Constipation?

Constipation is one of the most common problems experienced by everyone. It affects 4 million individuals in America alone prompting 2.5 million to vi...

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Study Says Processed Meat Can Increase the Risk of Colon Cancer

Cancer is a type of disease where malignant cells uncontrollably multiple at a fast rate on specific parts of our body and can spread into surrounding...

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Colonoscopies: Diagnosing Colon Cancer

Recent statistics shows that approximately one hundred fifty thousand people will be diagnosed with colon cancer this year. Out of the 150,000 people ...

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Camera Pill Helps to Detect Colon Cancer

Today, as the technology advances, seeing various advanced medical treatments would not be too surprising. Cancer, a disease that scared a lot of peop...

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What Are Colon Polyps?

You’ve probably heard it on the news or read it in the paper. Getting a colonoscopy is important. Maybe you are young and you think you shouldn’t ...

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The Colonoscopy : What You Need to Know

A colonoscopy is the examination of the large bowel. This is an outpatient procedure that is performed for various reasons, including checking for pol...

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Healthy Foods for the Colon

Maintaining a healthy colon is one of the most important aspects of living a long and healthy life but this part of daily life is more often than not ...

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