Colon Therapy: Is It Necessary for Treatment of Colon


Treating the colon is very important since numerous deadly diseases can be rooted from it. Fortunately, there are several colon problem therapies that can be done in order to prevent one from suffering serious colon illnesses.

Colon TherapyAmong the many colon problem therapies are colon irrigation, detoxification therapy, coffee enemas, enema irrigation, high enema, and hydro-colon therapy.

Though many it is, colon therapy has but one ideal goal: to clean the colon from unwanted materials such as toxins and free radicals. What differentiates the therapies are the ways they are administered. Some would use water to clean the waste in the colon; others will use other substances such as herbal solution or coffee.

Whatever Therapy will be Used for You, It will Depend on The Diagnosis of Your Doctor.

The Method of Cleansing

Any colon therapy connotes detoxification. What burden the colon are the toxins which you take with the food you eat. These elements can amplify and turn into something you don’t want like diseases and ill-conditioning of the body. Cancer, which is the most fatal nowadays, can be produced by these toxins. Thus, there is, indeed, a need to detoxify the colon from toxins and other left out wastes.

However, most of the colon therapies are used as preventive measure. Sometimes, they are not that strong to treat and heal serious diseases like cancer. What colon therapies do is that they boost the natural healing abilities of the body. They are generally used as a portion of the internal hygiene procedures.

Nonetheless, there are colon therapies that can be used in the treatment of disease. Coffee enemas are being promoted to treat cancer. Experts that promote coffee enemas for cancer assert that if the colon is clean and unpoisoned, it has the natural ability to recognize, distinguish, and destroy cancer cells. Some practitioners also claim that coffee enemas can encourage the gallbladder and the liver to release the toxins away from the body.

History Behind

Most of the colon therapies can be traced back to the ancient Egypt. Some of them were derived from the cleansing rituals of the Egyptians. As early as that, they already diagnosed that the cause of diseases and death among their people was the toxic waste inside the body.

In the 19th century, however, some proponents had described the large intestine as man’s own sewage system. And, just like the normal sewage, there can also be stagnation in the case of the colon, it is the stagnation of toxins.

Colon therapies became popular in the US in the 20s and 30s. This was when irrigation machines were invented and were commonly used by hospitals and clinics.

Who’s Involve

The colon problem therapies must be administered only by professional and credited individuals. Particularly, the therapies must be performed by a colonic hygienist or a colon therapist. Most of the procedures entail the use of medical devices which cannot be used by ordinary people. Such devices are a plastic tube which is being inserted through the rectum, and a specialized device that fill the colon with water.

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