The Truth About Your Colon Health


Can death begin in the colon? Colon cancer kills more men and women in America than breast cancer, prostate cancer and aids. A staggering health fact to be sure. If allowed to deteriorate, a failing digestive system, polluted intestinal tract and diseased colon can cause serious illness and death in anyone alive today.
Do You Need To Cleanse? It is a recognized fact that colon health degrades with age – therefore it is essential to gently and naturally detoxify and cleanse your colon with the change of seasons. As your colon is responsible for eliminating all waste from your body, it is critical to maintain a healthy colon in order to enhance your health and vitality. In a clean colon, elimination occurs on a regular basis. When your colon becomes impacted or full of material, elimination becomes infrequent and your body will process fewer vitamins and minerals from your food.

When your digestive system cannot function properly or efficiently, toxins and waste products build up making a perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria, sickness, and diseases. At the same time your body is not receiving the nutrition it needs to function at its maximum level. It has been determined by the medical community that the proper balance of bacteria in the intestinal tract for optimum health is at least 80% beneficial bacteria and 20% harmful bacteria, but the typical person is just the opposite, with 80% bad and 20% good bacteria. It’s no wonder the average person gets sick year after year with the same illnesses to which they should already be immune.

Do You Need To Cleanse?

The average person uses only 10% of the nutrients in their food!

Over the past 75 years, the standard American diet, lifestyles and environment have changed dramatically, placing a huge burden on our eliminative systems. Diets centers on refined foods, meats, and dairy products have left our colons clogged and often unable to self cleanse. Tiny hair-like projections called villi lining our colons absorb nutrients and carry them into the blood. When the colon walls are coated with hardened mucous plaque, the villi cannot function properly. We live not by what we eat, but by what we digest, absorb and assimilate. Even the healthiest organic diet won’t be any better than the worst diet, if the colon is not clear of this filth. After cleansing, many people find that they can eat 1/3 – 1/2 the amount of food they ate before, yet feel more energized because of the better absorption and assimilation.

Cleansing clears out the old layers of wastes and unfreeze the peristaltic muscles so you can once again “self cleanse” as nature intended. Pollution causes a toxic inner environment. Since World War II, the amount of pesticides, pollutants and toxic waste in our environment has increased dramatically. Most of us walk around with toxins circulating in our blood streams. No wonder we feel tired, sick, overweight and generally uninspired! Greater stresses, rushed lifestyles and lack of exercise have also taken their toll.

One of the primary benefits of colon cleansing is that it improves the functioning of the colon and is helpful in alleviating or preventing constipation. The typical American diet is rich in foods that cause constipation such as meats, dairy products, and pre-packaged dinners. These foods are high in fat, refined sugars, and preservatives and they can be very difficult to digest. In addition, most Americans do not even come close to eating the recommended amount of fiber that helps to aid digestion and move waste through the system. The result is a partial decomposition of waste, which becomes encrusted on the walls of the colon walls and hinders elimination.

The only effective way to eliminate this toxic intestinal “build-up” is to use an herbal colon-cleansing supplement (which is much different from fiber supplements) and follow a healthy eating program. In addition to aiding the elimination process, specific cleansing herbs help to quickly and thoroughly break down the intestinal toxic build-up, so it is removed from your system. Regular colon cleansing helps to remove this undigested waste as well as the hardened fecal matter that is blocking the passageway of the colon. Waste can pass quickly and efficiently through the system, preventing or alleviating the development of constipation.

Colon cleansing is one of the most important steps–and usually the most overlooked–when attempting to flatten the waistline, improve the immune, digestive and eliminative systems, help certain health problems, and achieve optimum health.

Although there are hundreds of products which claim to cleanse the colon with an array of health benefits, you may have asked yourself which one’s are most effective? More importantly, which one’s are safest? To help make the whole process of selecting a colon cleanser easier for you we spent the time researching nearly every colon cleansing product option available today.

We have recommended the below colon cleanse products because they are natural, they contain efficacious and synergistic combinations of ingredients, and they are extremely effective at detoxifying your intestines.

Below you’ll find the most effective colon health products on the market, we determine these products based on 4 key factors : Active ingredients, ability to cleanse Your colon of harmful wastes & toxins, boost energy levels, backed by clinical studies. Ultimately, we determined the bottom-line value of each product.