Common Digestive System Diseases: How to Avoid


Health starts with the kind of food you eat. Perhaps your doctor has also been reminding you time and time again to plan your meals properly so that you avoid a variety of health issues. Unfortunately, many people do not listen to the experts. Hey, you’re probably guilty binging out on sweets and on processed foods, aren’t you?

It also doesn’t help that fast food establishments are sprouting like mushrooms. These restaurants don’t serve anything but empty calories. They use lots of oil to fry their food and they often opt for meat extenders because this lowers the cost of their meals.

Common Digestive System Diseases: How to Avoid

People are now paying the high price as a result of poor diet. In order to avoid digestive system diseases, you have to change your lifestyle. Learn to appreciate healthy foods because when prepared properly, these can actually be very tasty. In fact, those who have made the important decision to eat better can attest to the fact that they’ve also felt so much better… and lighter.

Common Problems

There are a variety of digestive system diseases that health experts can enumerate. Some are easily treatable. Others, however, can get in the way of life. Here’s a list of digestive issues that people can suffer from:

  • Heartburn – Also known as acid reflux, this is often caused by poor diet, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle. Those who suffer from heartburn feel tightness in the chest area, thus the term because it can feel like a heart attack.

    Other symptoms include acidic taste in the mouth, nausea, flatulence, and vomiting. Mild cases of heartburn can be treated via antacids. However, if you don’t change the way you eat, this could develop into something worse.

  • Ulcers –These often start as acid reflux. However, if the patient hasn’t done anything about it, lesions may develop in the stomach lining, duodenum, or the esophagus. If left untreated, you could end up vomiting blood. Doctors might advise you to stay in the hospital for monitoring.
  • Gastritis – This is often due to bacteria or when you take certain medications. Symptoms often involve stomach pain (sharp and shooting pain), flatulence, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Gastroparesis – This happens when food takes too much time to pass through the small intestines. In extreme cases, the passage halts altogether. Those who suffer from this are required to see their doctor immediately for hospitalization, medication, and sometimes, even surgery.
  • Celiac Disease – This is a here ditary problem that is caused by intolerance to gluten. People who suffer from this are asked to strictly monitor what they eat as they need to avoid gluten altogether.
  • Colon and Liver Cancer – The deadliest digestive-related diseases. These are either hereditary or caused by poor lifestyle. As you know, both colon and liver cancer require more than just simple medication. Patients who suffer from either of these two types of cancer will have to go through several rounds of chemotherapy and surgery.

These digestive system diseases can be avoided. Change the way you eat if you’ve been consuming too much junk. Instead, try to include more fiber in your diet. Learn to appreciate fruits and vegetables, and more importantly, limit your alcohol intake.

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