Functions of the Digestive System


The digestive system plays a fundamental role in your health and nutrition. This is where the nutrients from food are processed and distributed throughout your system so that the other parts work properly. With poor digestive system function, your body could altogether succumb to a variety of problems.

Your digestive system works in collaboration with the rest of your body. The problem in one area could result to a domino effect, thus leading to even bigger health issues. This is why it’s important to know how each one plays a major role in your overall wellbeing.

The Components

Function of the Digestive System

Found in your digestive system is your digestive tract which starts from your mouth down to your anus. In between are hollow organs that are connected via tubes so that food is passed from the mouth, down to the esophagus, and then to your stomach before it enters the large and small intestines.

It’s important to understand the digestive system function because there are components involved that help break down food so that the cells in your body properly absorb the nutrients. The liver and pancreas are constantly at work here to remove toxins that you don’t need. Some organs in the circulatory and nervous system are also involved in the process.

The Importance

In order for you to recognize the importance of your digestive system function; you should realize that large chunks of food you eat couldn’t be digested easily inside your body. Its original form is far too big for the cells to transport to the different organs. Food first needs to be broken down. The digestive fluids convert your meals into smaller and more complex molecules. The walls of your intestines then absorb the nutrients and carried by the blood to the various cells.

This is how you get energy to perform each and every single day. You may be able to survive a day or two without food because your digestive tract has also learned to store. However, it’s important that you avoid starving yourself at all cost because the acids found in your stomach could penetrate through the walls and cause lesions. More importantly, you need a constant supply of energy in order to engage any kind of activity.

Caring for Your Digestive System

Doctors constantly remind you to care for your body through proper diet and exercise. You won’t get the paramount digestive system function if you don’t think about the quality of your meals. After all, health starts with the food you eat. Try to include lots of fiber in your diet. You can get this from fruits, leafy vegetables, whole grain and oats. You can give in to temptation every so often, but try not to make it a habit.

With carefully planned meals, you’ll have a proper functioning digestive system that helps keep your body healthy.

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